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Booth Sighting – Flash In The Can – The Spoke Club, Toronto.

May 4th, 2010  |  Published in Booth Events

Flash In The Can (FITC) is the worlds premiere flash developers conference, which takes place in Toronto every year. During my previous life as a graphic designer, I actually attended this event a few times and was blown away by the creativity and ingenuity of the presenters there. So when Paul, over at Stem contacted me about a multimedia project that he was working on, in collaboration with Sajak Farki, I was quite intrigued! The booth was to be the focal point of the FITC Paunch Party at Toronto’s own Spoke Club and would be running some funky custom software.

It was a great benefit that I had some flash programming experience, as Paul was all the way out in Calgary with his team, developing the platform, while I was in Toronto, testing it out on the photo booth. It ended up being a few late nights, but the end result was amazing, hilarious and maybe even a little scary to some!

The software would combine the photos of two guests to create a merger of facial features and then print a strip with all three.

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